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the start of a new era

Katrina Belle - Katrina Belle Beauty - Orlando fashion blogger - Orlando fashion blog - Orlando blogger - Florida blogger - Florida fashion blogger  - Cocoa Beach Florida

I'm so excited to make progress with developing my brand over the past year. This started with just me taking photos with a timer on the camera outside of my house, and it has grown into so much more. I've made connections with fans, bloggers and brands and my images have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. For the past year I've been focusing on my Facebook Page and my Instagram account. Now my goal is to focus on my website. I want to connect with others, not just for myself but to entertain others. It's not just for me. I've always been an artist and thought of myself as someone more behind the scenes, not front and center. However this is what people really respond positively to, and while I'm still figuring this all out, I can only grow from here.

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