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#ootd - pink dress in forest

The lighting that day was absolutely beautiful and I was feeling that mojo. I set up the camera and got some of my best shots. The dress is from FashionMia and was sewn well but was a little big on me. I ordered a medium as I typically fit an Asian size medium and an American small or extra small. The soft pink goes with the soft yet bright lighting that I was getting at that time of day. I matched it with a pink lipstick of a similar shade to keep the outfit cohesive and using only two shades, black and soft pink. Those two colors are really contrasting and stand out.

In advice for taking photos, so many fake a laugh or a smile but I am more of a method model, drawing from my real emotions. I think of something that causes me to feel the way I want to look in the shoot, the same way that actors do. Good modeling can be seen as acting for stills. Think of something that makes you feel that way you want to look in the photo, and that will come across in your body language on film.

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