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Music Video Cameo - The Adolescent Theory

Katrina Belle Beauty - Orlando blogger - Orlando fashion blogger - Downtown Orlando - Music Video - The Adolescent Theory - Memento Mori

I teamed up with local band The Adolescent Theory for the video for their song Memento Mori, which was released on New Years Eve. They are super talented, totally chill guys and they deserve all the success they have worked for and more. We connected over social media and the lead singer Johnny invited me to the taping of their music video. It was the first one I was involved in in front of the camera and it was a lot of fun once I started to get to know the guys and their friends. It was filmed inside local Orlando hotspot Vintage Lounge, which has a dark and moody, edgy yet old fashioned feel. Their musicianship is amazing and the content of the video deals with some social issues. You can check out the amazing video below!

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