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#ootd - stylish coat and boots

Styling this coat in downtown Orlando was a dreamy fashion photoshoot. We did a bunch of different outfits and this is one of my all time favorites. I worked with my friend Daniel Bastos, I used to tutor him and now he's going off to college to study photography! He did an excellent job on his first fashion blogger photoshoot. The coat is a classic by Banana Republic. It is so soft and shiny, I still own it but hardly wear it as I'm worried something will happen to it! So it hangs beautifully in my closet.

The boots were of a stretchy material so they fit over my calves really well. It can be a struggle to find boots that really fit your legs, but with the rise in popularity of the soft knee high boot it is so easy to find some that fit well. The sewing is so intricate that it feels like a real work of art.

I paired it with a brown sweater minidress underneath that matches the shade of the boots in order to showcase the coat. We shot during the Florida heat and I had to pretend that it was chilly outside. Passersby seemed very intrigued with checking out what we were doing. With the coat buttoned up it looks more presidential or princess like. It comes together as a very stylish and a combination of couture and ready to wear.

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