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Holiday Bars in Orlando

Most of the activities in Downtown Orlando revolve around its variety of bars. While not a frequent visitor, it's a great place to go out on the town and kick it with a group of friends. For some extra holiday spirit, stop by these popular locales:

At Frosty's it's Christmas 365 days a year. It brings that holiday cheer to an outing with friends or a date. They have a wide selection of cocktails different kinds including hard shaved iced drinks in a multitude of flavors, Christmas Ale, and a variety of cocktails such as the Nightmare Before Xmas with flavors of rum and citrus, and the eponymous Coconuts Roasting on an Open Fire. Every so often the place bursts into Christmas music accompanied by a burst of "snow" falling from the ceiling.

The Courtesy is one of my favorite locations in Downtown Orlando. It has that European feel goes with my classy dresses and hats. It definitely stands out in a district of nightclubs and country bars. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but if you're looking for a place to take a Euro where they'll feel at home, this is the one. They redecorated for the holidays and had a special menu. Mine was more fruity and floral, would definitely get it again.

While not technically a Christmas themed cafe, it is situated inside of the Grand Floridian Hotel in the Disney Hotels area. The had really good chef's food such as risotto and pork belly. I ordered a chocolate martini, which lived up to its name with chocolate sauce and was topped with chocolate shavings. After I ordered it the rest of the bar wanted to try it and there was soon a whole row of chocolate based drinks. This cafe has the kind of excellent service that Disney excels in. It's a great place to have chef-level food and craft drinks while listening to live music.

Mizner's Lounge - Grand Floridian Hotel

Mizner's Lounge - Grand Floridian Hotel

Check out my article on my Disney Hotel Crawl for more pics of the Grand Floridian Hotel.

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