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Birthday at Magic Kingdom - Part 2


The fireworks show was spectacular and I want to go back again and again. It was so packed there were people staking out spots for the fireworks hours in advance.



Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom - Katrina Belle Beauty - Disney blogger



The food at the theme parks is one of the best parts. A crowd of people saw me eating a turkey leg and rushed in to get one. Getting a Mickey shaped ice cream is one of the hallmarks of spending a day at the park. It has vanilla ice cream enveloped in rich dark chocolate. It started to melt from the heat as I was looking for an ideal spot for a photo background, so I had to try and eat it quickly, some of it dripping down my hand. I walked all the way from the middle of the park to the Alice in Wonderland tea cup ride before I ate it, so it lasted for a pretty long time.




As it got dark we headed back to the center of the park to watch the fireworks.

Video of the magical day up on the YouTube channel -

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