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5 Must-Have Spring Fashion Trends for 2018

The season of spring is usually dominated by florals upon florals in celebration of the return of nature. This year, however, breaks with tradition while maintaining a distinctly feminine look. The Spring 2018 color palette features distinct color blocking, flowy fabrics and statement accessories.

1. Yellow Dresses.

Yellow dresses are a very popular trend that I keep seeing popping up at events. Whenever I go to a party or a charity benefit I always see people wearing different shades of yellow, most often in the style of a bandage dress. Wearing a dress like that will make you a memorable figure for the evening, with all eyes on you. It's a very attention-grabbing color that stands out without being garish.

2. Ballerina Skirts.

Feminine is in, and a fluffy tulle skirt will do the trick. They make any outfit fun and playful. They are available in a wide range of colors now, not just pink. You can find them in red, white, black, green, blue, etc. Twirling in them makes for a great photograph, and playing around with the skirt can be a perfect distraction. You can dress the outfit up with a pair of heels or make it more casual and cool with a pair of converse.

3. Monochromatic.

In sharp contrast to the flirty feminine trends, the more European monochromatic look is also in. Embody the stark style of hipsterdom by embracing shades of white, grey and black. Avoid the stereotypical floral trends for spring by sticking with the more typical winter trends of desaturation. Stark shapes go hand in hand with the stark colors.

4. Glam Sunglasses.

The bigger the sunglasses, the better. Large round sunglasses will give you that L.A. superstar or Italian fashionista look. The more of your face is obscured, the more mysterious and stylish you will look. All shades are in, so long as they are reflective. The round shape will go with any outfit.

5. Leather Backpacks.

Leather backpacks are the chic way to cart your things around. They are perfect for traveling, for example, if you were backpacking across Europe or across America. While they can be kind of controversial, the type of fabric makes the backpack high end and high class. Old fashioned luggage is out and backpacks are in. If you can fit everything into a chic backpack for a day trip or overnight stay, it's a more stylish option than a rolling carry-on.

Yellow and pink are two of the most popular colors, in bright and either solid or flowy fabrics. This is in contrast to the bold monochromatic look. Pop up these spring outfits with some bold and sleek accessories and you'll be on trend this year.

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