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Sharing a bit of my personal life here, which I don't often do. But one of the more frequent questions I get is about my pets! I first found my babies back in June. My mom and I rescued them when we found them abandoned by the side of the road. They have grown up to be the cutest little troublemakers I've ever known. They light up every day! Sometimes it's almost like having a dog with the way they chase their own tail or wait for me to come home. Having them is such a comfort and a way to de-stress. I love them so much 🐱🐱

Storm on the left, earned her name by being a fluffy cloud of energy. She's super vocal and loves attention. Sphinx, on the right, likes to sit like the ancient Egyptian statues. He's so playful and loves to run around and climb up the banister. He's more of a hunter, and protects me from bugs.

He didn't eat any Skittles, but he did wonder what I was doing with a whole bag lol.

They're siblings and they love to snuggle up together. It's the sweetest thing ever.

Sphinx likes to chase his own tail, sometimes even on the banister! I always make sure he's safe and gets down from there.

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