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What to Bring With You For A Day At Disney

Millions of tourists come through Orlando every year to go to Disney. I've lived in Orlando for almost all of my life and I can remember going to the theme parks since I was a toddler! Here is a list of some crucial things to bring with you and what is best to wear to the parks:


1. Sunscreen

Every year I see people who end up getting severely sunburnt. Avoid becoming a lobster by wearing that SPF 50.

2. Water Bottle

If you are at the park all day you will need hydration. There are water bottles available to be purchased in the park but you are better prepared by bringing your own with you.

3. Sunglasses

Even in the Florida winter it will still be bright. You will want to enjoy your experience instead of squinting through it. Pick a pair that are stylish and go with your cute outfit.

4. A Portable Phone Charger

You will be spending time taking photos and videos, Snapchatting and uploading Stories to Instagram and possibly Facebook. You will want to make sure that you bring a fully charged portable charger with you so that you do not end up missing any special moments by the end of your magical day, like the fireworks show.

5. Sneakers instead of Flip-Flops

You will be walking around for many hours all day, if not for several days if you plan on doing all of the parks on your vacation. Thus you will be in need of comfortable shoes. Flip-flops might seem like they would be comfy but they are so thin and flimsy it will feel like you are walking barefoot after a while. You'll also want shoes that will stay on during a roller coaster.

For girls:

6. Hair Band

If you have long hair it is bound to blow around in the wind. A high ponytail or a braid will look cute and keep your hair out of your face. If you have shorter hair I would suggest a headband so it doesn't get stuck in your eyes and mouth.

7. Lipstick and Foundation

If you wear makeup, you will want to reapply some of your makeup after most likely sweating all day. I would suggest putting sunscreen on first like a primer, then your foundation and the rest of your makeup. I would wear waterproof options for mascara, and a matte lip that dries for lipstick. You want to try and be as impermeable to the environment as possible, whether you are sweating in the heat, getting rained on, burning up in the sun, and going back and forth between the outdoors and air conditioning.

8. A Sundress

Gone are the days of big baggy shirts, shorts and clunky sneakers as the go-to park attire. Nowadays you want to look cute and stylish for all of your photos from your trip! A nice mid-thigh or knee length sundress made out of soft fabric will do the trick. It is a nice and light outfit, and not too complicated while still being stylish and comfortable.

9. Cute Shoes

You can pick some comfy strappy sandals or flats to go with your outfit for the park instead of sneakers. Personally I am more likely to get a blister from my sneakers than from a pair of flats! Just be sure to pick a pair of shoes that you will be comfortable in. No high heels either. You will be walk walk walking all day like a marathon, and won't want to be distracted by hobbling around with a blister.

10. A Shoulder Bag

To keep your hands free for the day, pick a bag that goes over your shoulder and fastens securely. You will want to travel light so choose one that is just big enough for your phone, cards and cash, lipstick and any other makeup or small items.

With all of the items on this this you will be prepared for long happy days at the park! You will be able to focus on having fun instead of feeling uncomfortable or unprepared.

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