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Elta MD Skincare: You Won't Bake With This Sunscreen 🔥


Don’t bake in the sun with @eltamdskincare 🏖🔥💙 Their products are specially formulated to be healthy for your skin, and their sunscreen adds that extra protection from the sun. It is water resistant for 80 minutes with SPF 50, so it’s perfect for a trip to the beach or the pool in the summer heat. Living in Florida, it can get very hot and when you're frequently in the sun, taking care of your skin is a top priority. I've been sunburnt before, so I take a lot of care in choosing a good sunscreen. Some of my friends tried it too and they didn't get red from the sun or even really tan. #sponsored


When you're in the sun all of the time, you want a sunscreen that won't let you tan too much in one session, but will let you gradually tan over the summer. As a Floridian, even just driving around can cause me to get tan and lighten my hair if I forget to put sunscreen on. I am also always doing detoxes and moisturizing my skin with nutrients that are healthy for your skin.


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