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Exploring Florida: Naples


It's always been a dream of mine to explore more of Florida, and this fall I took a leap and drove down to Naples, Florida. Driving down alligator alley was an interesting experience, because there is hardly anything along the way and definitely earns its name. There were a lot of tiny towns that had a lot of pioneer era buildings and who's only nightlife was the local McDonald's or Donut Man. I was used to the tourist town of Orlando, and Naples is also a big tourist destination but with a totally different vibe. Everything seemed to close by ten at night, and it was hard to get food late in the evening. The main hub is 5th Avenue South, a beautiful boulevard filled with pretty shops and occasionally live music. Naples is famed for their beaches, and they also have a zoo which was a lot of fun for the afternoon. Overall I had a good experience in Naples and would go there again, although I might prefer to be driven there instead.

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