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Penguin Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando: Behind the Scenes Tour

I took a behind the scenes tour at SeaWorld Orlando to meet some penguins! The tour lasts about twenty to thirty minutes, one of the animal experts gives the tour group some info on penguins, and then it opens up for questions and photos. They handled the photo section very well by queuing everyone up and having people go one at a time, that way everyone got a photo and it was very orderly and convivial. The tour group meets near the back of the park and then you get to go to an area that is usually for employees only. This tour is different than the up close tour in the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin® area, that tour is about 45 minutes and $60 per person. I love the Antarctica section and ride but I can only last so long in there in my normal theme park attire because it is so cold at 30° F (0° C)! This tour is in an exclusive area behind the park, and this habitat is a lot warmer than the Antarctica section inside of the park because this species of penguin lives in a warmer climate at the edge of South America. I felt perfectly comfortable in my jean jacket instead of freezing! Tickets are only $25 per person and you can find them online here.

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