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Dine with an Astronaut


My boyfriend and I went to Kennedy Space Center's "Lunch with an Astronaut" and it was an enriching experience where you get to hear first hand accounts of space missions. It is in a group setting where the food is buffet style and the astronaut gives a presentation up on stage about their experiences. He had been on quite a few missions and was very insightful. The food menu includes arugula and carrot salad with lemon vinaigrette, chipotle roasted cod, southern fried chicken, bulgogi beef, green beans with roasted garlic, pumpkin cranberry bars, salted caramel brownies, and oatmeal raisin and double chocolate chip cookies. They also let you know if there is any allergens in the food such as gluten, egg, dairy or nuts, which is always good to know when dining out depending on your diet.


They also had Tang which I got really hype about, as I had not had any since I was a kid. Tang was preferred by astronauts in the 1960's to make the water in space taste better, and subsequent advertising made the product popular on Earth. Be sure to leave enough time after the brunch before going on a tour. We went on a special bus tour right after the brunch and there was plenty of time to explore Kennedy Space Center for the rest of the day! Would definitely recommend this unforgettable experience. It is normally 29.99 per person for the lunch or 15.99 for kids ages eleven through three, on top of the normal entry ticket to get in to Kennedy Space Center. I won the tickets for the brunch along with two VIP bus tour tickets and two annual passes in a contest hosted by iHeartRadio.

The photos here show some examples of the kind of food that astronauts would eat in space. The shrimp cocktail is vacuum sealed in prepackaged portions, and the re hydration station

"provides the flight crew with ambient and chilled water for drinking and reconstituting food" (NASA). In the lower photo you can see the astronaut making breakfast tortillas in space. As the gravity is different in outer space, the food sticks to the side of the wall. A good commander makes breakfast for his crew, according to our astronaut.

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