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Dîner en Blanc Orlando

The Dîner en Blanc is an annual all white dinner party. Everyone dresses up in all white, including shoes, bags, and accessories. It is so cool to see everyone's outfits and how creative they are! I especially love the headpieces that people make by hand such as fascinators, tiaras and hats.

Every year it is held in a location that is kept secret until the day of the event. Last year it was held in Altamonte Springs, and this year the dinner took place in Winter Park. People walking by kept asking me why everyone was all dressed in white, and there seemed to be a lot of interest in the event taking place. The Diner en Blanc started in Paris, France, hence the origin of the French name for the event!

I was invited to the Dîner en Blanc again this year. I was interviewed by Lake Nona Social, they were curious to know what I and my boyfriend thought of the event so far. Approximately 1,500 people attended the event this year. As this was my second year covering the event as media, I was asked to compare the two, and the main difference in my experience was the change in location, and of course the cold weather this year! The weather changes your entire outfit and your experience of the evening. The decor, secret location and all white attire combine to create a "mysterious garden experience."

This year you could definitely feel the Daylight Savings effect as it felt like I was transported back up North to the cold and dark winters. Luckily I brought my puffer jacket from Old Navy with me, it definitely saved the day because it was so chilly outside! I styled the puffer over my dress from Rent the Runway. It's amazing to be able to wear high end designer pieces and so convenient for bougie events like Diner en Blanc. I absolutely love Rent the Runway for events like this where you need a special outfit for a special occasion. The beautiful dress I wore for the evening is an all white dress from Likely, with one shoulder bare while having two full sleeves, I really loved the design and it normally retails for around two hundred dollars. You can rent just one dress for a special ocassion or you can rotate four designer pieces at a time every month when you sign up for your own account on RTR!

It was so good to see some of my blogger friends at the event! Both Joan and Geo were there, and it was amazing because Geo was back in Orlando from New York City! Both bloggers were a part of the original #otownbloggersquad.

There was live entertainment for the evening, including dancers in white by NuLook Dancers, Alisar Violinist playing a white electric violin and harpist Jan Jennings. There were performances throughout the evening by belly dancers Carrara and Vanja and a fusion band called Friendz featuring Lynn, who sang classical French songs, and Tonya Phillips Staples who sang American style jazz.

Président Cheese was a sponsor for the event, which blended perfectly with the intention to "share a gourmet meal with good friends." They are a top French brand of cheese, known for their specialty selections, butter and their brie. There was a table with a delicious variety of their cheeses, from standard cheddar to crumbly feta. The cheese spread with apples was a pleasant surprise pairing and is definitely a favorite.

All photos in my article were taken by my boyfriend Garrett.

It was indeed "another unforgettable night of friendship, elegance and fun." It is an invite only event in high demand, around 1,500 people attended this year, do apply here to be added to the waitlist for next year's event!

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