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Downton Abbey Cooking Class

I was delighted to be invited to a Downton Abbey themed cooking class at @trufflesandtrifles in Winter Park, Florida. The @downtonabbey_official movie comes out soon on 5/20. In this video I’m baking some French pastries and in the next one I’ll be making a baked brie. It turned out so tasty! Thanks @onchanted_adventures for helping me film this! 🎥 #sponsored #downtonabbey

I learned how to make a baked brie at @trufflesandtrifles to celebrate the new movie @downtonabbey_official. The brie was stuffed with herbs and lemon and it turned out so pretty and tasted so good! My mom and I also made a cranberry ginger chutney spread to go with the brie, and cheesy mashed potatoes. The other teams of food bloggers made chocolate soufflé, a toasted pear and Gorgonzola cheese salad, a roasted tomato soup and a London broil. Everyone did such a good job every dish was delicious!


Downtown Abbey is out in movie theaters now.


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