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How I Spent Quarantine

I took some time to work on my inner life during the reign of la Quarantine. I spent time doing activities I enjoy but don't often take the time to do, such as gardening and art. It was so nice to just spend some time out in nature canoeing on Florida's natural rivers. I tend to be a tortured artist loner type so spending more time in isolation honestly wasn't that much of a change for me, but it was eerie going places and driving around and there was no one out. I could drive down the highway with my windows down and breathe clean air. They say the environment started to recover from just a few months of global quarantine.

I also spent time gaming and discovered some new games I hadn't played before. I played a lot more of my all time favorite The Sims 3 which I plan on streaming sometime in the future.

I also tried that #pillowchallenge thing.

I tried some baking for Easter. I had a beautiful bunny cake mold and I wanted to put it to good use. I tried a gluten free recipe that turned out really sweet and heavy. I liked how the cake turned out just from the mold itself, but I also wanted to try making a fondant-esque icing to cover it, I think it kind of worked.

I also tried some socially distant ways of shopping such as using Amazon Wardrobe. You can order up to a thousand dollars worth of clothes and shoes to try on and you can return them at no cost. I ended up getting the leggings/sweatpants from this order (shown below) and I'm definitely going to try it again. You can pick out the items yourself or you can pay a $10 styling fee to have a stylist do it for you after you take a short style quiz.


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