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Interview with Influencer Brittany Xavier

Hi Katrina,

Thank you for reaching out!

Here are the answers to the below:

How did you get into creating a fashion blog?

My husband had the idea to create a blog around something I was passionate about.

How do you monetize your blog?

Through brand campaigns, affiliate links and ads.

What did you study and do you feel that it applies to what you currently do?

Political Science and not necessarily. Just going through college and taking a variety of courses, you learn a lot but also figure out what interests you most.

How do you consistently set up photoshoots?

Well my husband works with me full-time and he takes my pictures.

Do you still have another occupation besides your blog?

Nope, my husband and I both work on the blog full-time.

How did you build your blog and your following?

Consistency and content.

Hope this helps and have a great week :)

xx Brittany Xavier


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