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Primark X Harry Potter Holiday Gift Guide

Primark and Harry Potter have a lot of amazing holiday gifts this year with their Harry Potter line that's in stores only, like pajamas pancakes sets with Harry Potter shapes, multiple types of sugar cookies, hot chocolate melty spoons and even color changing hot chocolate that comes in the four different Hogwarts house colors. Primark sent a big box of Harry Potter stuff for me to try and honestly everything tasted so good, the cookies and pancakes would make a great Christmas brunch especially with the hot chocolate. The cookies that come in the tin are premade so they're super easy and perfect for any age or cooking skill level, and the sugar cookies are a full baking set that takes some mixing and oven time, but baking together with family or friends can make for a really fun group activity. The Harry Potter pajamas set was so comfortable, they remind me of the pajamas from the Harry Potter movies and I'll definitely be wearing them again like, for forever. You can buy all of the items I mentioned in this video from Primark just in time for Christmas.

@primark has a lot of amazing Christmas gifts this year with their Harry Potter line! Harry Potter pancakes, cookies, pajamas, hot chocolate spoons and even color changing hot chocolate in the 4 Hogwarts house colors! Have a cozy night in with some awesome Christmas gifts. You can find these items at @primark in stores now 🎄👚🍫☕🎁️


Let's bake some Harry Potter Christmas sugar cookies from Primark! Primark sent me the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Baking Kits. You'll need a stick of butter, one egg, and some water and stir that in with the cookie mix. Then add some extra flour to your countertop and your rolling pin if you have one, or you can just use your hands to roll out the dough and stamp out the cookies with the Hogwarts House Crests cookie cutters. The trick to making sugar cookies is adding a lot of flour so that the dough doesn't stick to everything. If your cookies do get stuck just add some more flour and try again, and also be sure to make them thick enough so that the cookie cutter can press into the dough. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit or 190 degrees Celsius and then transfer your completed cookies on a baking tray into the oven for 10 to 12 minutes. They honestly came out so good, they were warm, soft, sweet, and delicious, and I kept trying to stop myself from eating the cookie dough before I was done. I finished it off with a melty salted caramel flavored hot chocolate stirrer shaped like a wizarding letter. It was so good!

Cute Harry Potter Christmas Sweater Cookie set from @primark! Primark has a lot of really cute official Harry Potter items that make great Christmas gifts. One of my favorites is a sugar cookie set that has Harry Potter Christmas sweater shaped cookies. They were so easy and cute to decorate and the cookies are so surprisingly soft and buttery.

The premade cookies and icing come together in a Hogwarts tin. They’re so easy to decorate and taste delicious too! They would make a great Christmas gift! Harry Potter PJs are also from @primark 🍪🎄🎁

Let's bake some Harry Potter Christmas pancakes from Primark! You'll need the pancake kit, a mixing bowl, a spatula, and 20 milliliters of water (which converts to a little more than four teaspoons of water). The trick to using the pancake molds is to really grease them inside and out. That way the pancake won't stick to the mold and the form will just lift right off. I tried making the second batch with way more butter and I finally came out with a really pretty bunch. Let's also make some hot chocolate to go with the pancakes. This is a hot chocolate melty spoon that comes in the shape of Hedwig, Harry Potter's pet owl. The pancake kit also includes a little thing of maple syrup. I think this round of pancakes turned out really delicious. The hot chocolate came out really good too! You can find the Harry Potter Christmas pancake kit at Primark, in stores now.

The pancake forms have different Harry Potter themed shapes like the Sorting Hat, a Snitch and Harry’s lightning scar! Just add water and make sure to grease the forms and griddle. Cute PJs are also from @primark 🍪🎁🏰

Have a cozy night in with some Harry Potter pajamas, and color changing hot chocolate that comes in the four Hogwarts house colors! These would make great Christmas gifts and you can find these items at @primark in stores and online now 🎄🎁🪄👚🍫☕


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