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Road Trip to Atlanta, Georgia

I took a road trip to Atlanta for the first time. I have wanted to go to Atlanta since I auditioned for Atlanta Ballet School and got accepted. However at the time my parents said I was too young and should stay home for the summer. Ever since then I've thought about exploring the city and seeing what it has to offer.

Dress by Tadashi Shoji

I went with my boyfriend for a wedding of one of his friends. We stayed at the Hilton Atlanta and it had nice modernist décor. Afterwards/the next day we went looking for a brunch place which was surprisingly hard to get into. There were only a handful of brunch spots in the whole city and most had a wait of an hour or two. We found a place called Barcelona which was kind of hidden around the corner of another brunch place. It was a tapas Spanish place, which I love and we ordered many different plates. Everything we ordered was absolutely delicious. Would go back again.


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