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Tutorial - Voluminous Hair using Rootie the Rootlifter by VOLOOM

November 6, 2017

Created by

I was sent this awesome new product called Rootie the Rootlifter by Voloom to try and I was impressed by its results. It creates volume in the hair by teasing it out with a crimping effect and seals the shape with heat. As a certified stylist I can say that it definitely works and has an ingenious design. Normally to get this kind of effect you would have to tease out the hair with a comb and hairspray it for hold. With the Rootlifter I can just plug it in and get that effect in less than five minutes. 



It heats up really fast and is easy to use. Separate the hair into sections, starting from the bottom to build volume. Press the Rootlifter closed over the hair for a few seconds over each layer. Then brush the outside of the hair to smooth it out. With the heat effect I didn't have to use any spray or other product. People thought that I was wearing an extension in my hair but it was the volume I had achieved from using Rootie the Rootlifter. Would definitely recommend! YouTube video coming soon and I will post the link when it is live :D



 I received this product in exchange for a blog post and Instagram post. 

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