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#ootd - velvet coat

October 23, 2017

Created by

This coat stands on it's own and is a simple statement piece. It its easy to style and is light enough for the milder parts of the Florida winter where it gets down to the 50's and 40's Fahrenheit. You can wear it buttoned up to conceal whatever dress or skirt and sweater combo you have on underneath, or you can style it more open to reveal whatever outfit you have on layered underneath.




This year it is still warm in October, and I can't wait for it to be chilly enough to wear true fall and winter wear. Fall was my favorite season because it is so effervescent here in Florida, and will only be present for a short while. When I was living up north I got to experience the full fall and winter effect. I could do with fall but live without severe winter and black ice forever. 






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