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Discovering Mission Space at Disney's Epcot

April 28, 2018

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Hidden on the left side of Future World at the front of the park at Epcot lies Mission Space. On the right side of the park are The Land, which houses the ever popular Soarin' ride, and The Sea, which has a huge aquarium and a ride inside. When I was a kid they only had what is now called the Orange level at Mission Space, which is a simulator of a voyage to Mars. They have since added in a Green level that is safe for kids and simulates piloting a rocket that circles the Earth and makes a landing. I tried the Green ride this time and it was a lot of fun, but definitely less intense. Our crew consisted of four members, who are each assigned a different task to complete during the rocket launch. 




My outfit consisted of a futuristic theme of a white one shoulder romper, silver boots and space buns in my hair. I also wore subtle silver and gold makeup to go with the look. The goal was to look futuristic while still being wearable instead of outlandish. 





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