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Rodan and Fields Lash Serum & Moisturizer

I was sent some products by Rodan and Fields to try, and I absolutely loved them. The eyelash serum really worked and there were visible results from just a few applications. Be careful when applying it, however because if you get it in your eye it can make them very irritated! My previous lash serum required you to apply a lot of it, this one only takes a very tiny amount of the serum. Apply it directly to the lashes on the very edges. When you blink it will naturally distribute the liquid across your eyelashes.

Before I started using the lash serum:

After the lash serum:

You can clearly see that they got longer after using their product! It looks like I'm wearing mascara but I actually have 0% makeup on in both photos.

The hydrating moisturizers also worked very well, I could see a plump glow in my cheeks and the rest of my face. The under eye cream helped with fine lines from sunburn and dark circles.

A bunch of my coworkers use these products and swear by them! They were excited to hear that I was doing a blog post on one of their favorite brands. While you have to be careful to not get the lash serum in your eye, it really works and from just a handful of applications. I would definitely recommend and I will be using these products in the future.

You can purchase these products and find your personal recommendations here.

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