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Road Trip: St. Augustine, Raleigh and Charlotte with Nissan Versa

This summer I took a road trip with Nissan Versa. My first stop from Orlando was St. Augustine, it is an easy drive from Orlando in about two hours. I know a lot of people in Orlando think that it is far away but it is only a bit farther than a trip to the beach. Once I got out of Orlando the traffic was a lot better and St. Augustine is so picturesque. It is one of the oldest towns in North America settled by Europeans. It is always cool to see the old Spanish fort, behind me in the photo above, and the old colonial buildings in town. Flagler College is definitely a landmark in the town and I have known several people who went there, it has a pretty good reputation amongst Floridians as a college and has a nice preppy vibe. After seeing some sights briefly and fueling up, I continued on to Raleigh. I did not have time to stop in Savannah, Georgia along the way, so Savannah is still on my list of southern cities to visit. I have heard it is such a pretty and charming city I definitely want to spend a few days there.

The fuel economy on the Nissan Versa was pretty impressive at a high of 46.8 miles per gallon. I averaged about 34 for the overall road trip. Another cool feature of the car is how it starts without turning over a key. You just press the Start button and it turns on the car. It also features a rear camera which is super helpful for parking or pulling out of the driveway. Overall it felt like a very safe and modern vehicle, and the road trip was definitely a comfortable drive.

I visited family in Raleigh, and they took me on a little tour of the city. It features a large university and had some pretty cool shops and dining options. We went to Raleigh Rolls and tried some rolled ice cream, which was a cute and fun way to spend an evening. After the few days had passed where I attended my work conference, I started my return journey home. However I made a pit stop in Charlotte, North Carolina as I had some old friends who used to be in the ballet company there and told me what a beautiful city it is.

What they told me about the city is definitely true, because Charlotte is a beautiful metropolitan area. I made a stop at their park which featured sculptures and water features, right next to a baseball stadium. There was live music nearby and a lot of cool looking places to eat around the park. I wish I had a few days to explore the city because it looked like a lot of fun to experience.

Over four hundred miles later, I made it safely back home. My boyfriend and family were glad to have me back home, and it is always a good feeling to make it back after a solo journey. I would definitely recommend the cities I stopped in and the Nissan Versa car is a new favorite of mine.

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