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Brunch at The Glass Knife


This weekend I went to brunch in Winter Park at the renowned The Glass Knife with fellow blogger couple @hautenooz and @cjbarrett0721 and my boyfriend Garrett. I believe we were all satisfied with the tasty food we were served there. I chose the apple pie spritzer drink with the biscuits and bacon gravy. It was topped with a perfectly cooked poached egg who's dark yellow yolk ran over the .biscuits and gravy, enhancing the flavor and appearance of the dish.

My babe chose the classic white girl pumpkin spice latte, the cheddar biscuit and the cheesecake with berries. He let me try them and they were all very fresh and flavorful. The pumpkin spice latte differed from the norm in that is was not overly sweet but still maintained a degree of the espresso's bitterness mixed in with spices like cinnamon and the pumpkin flavor.

All four of us shared some desserts afterwards, including the hummingbird cake, the carrot cake and the coconut cake. I was super excited to see that they had hummingbird cake on the menu as it is a rare baker's item, with buttercream, banana and pineapple. The coconut cake was light and fluffy with a classic straight coconut flavor. I would have to say that the carrot cake was surprisingly my favorite as it had a rich medley of spices, cream cheese and the unconventional addition of pineapple.


After brunch Nooz was awesome enough to take some photos of me in their cute entryway. The lighting was a little tricky but she got some good shots on her camera. I thought their setup was adorable and very Instagram worthy with the keyhole window, the lighting and plants and the clever saying on the bench. You should totally "come sit a spell" at The Glass Knife.


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