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Experience Japanese & Hawaiian Fusion at Hi-5 Poke and Sushi near IDrive

Had an amazing time at @hi5pokeandsushi! A one of a kind family owned place that combines Japanese and Hawaiian style and cuisine, they are conveniently located in the IDrive district of Orlando. The Korean BBQ wings are one of their most popular dishes and I can see why, with its incredible flavor and spices. They have a really unique take on nachos with tuna, avocado and spicy sauce over wonton chips, which gave it a signature salty flavor. The tonkotsu ramen is a classic take on a classic dish, with noodles, egg and pork with corn and scallions. They also have the popular Japanese Ramune soda, where you pop out the marble that seals the bottle to get a drink. Even better I got to enjoy it with my babe @gmsmith8490. Thank you @hi5pokeandsushi for inviting me! 🍜 ❤️🎉

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